The first We Make Games mentoring programme kicked of in July 2019.

We’re not currently accepting any more sign-ups. However, if you're interested in staying up to date and taking part in any future programmes, you can register your interest via this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mentoring all about? Why is it important?

WMG mentoring is about supporting women early in their careers in the games industry, connecting them with role models and helping them build a long last network. It's a safe space for mentees to discuss their careers and professional development with an impartial mentor, who in turn can offer encouragement and guidance on how to progress in their career.

What is the role of a mentor?

We see mentors as much more than people who just give you feedback on your CV (although they might do that as well!) A mentor is someone who provides high level career guidance, helping you figure out where you want to go and how to get there.

Some areas a mentor and mentee might cover:

  • Career goals and paths
  • Specific situations at work
  • Performance reviews and feedback from work
  • Skills development
  • Job applications/interviews, CVs, etc

I haven’t been a mentor before. Should I sign up?

Yes! As well as being a rewarding way to support women in their careers, mentoring is also a great opportunity to further your skills in coaching and leadership.

Sign up because your support can make a huge difference to someone’s career. Sign up to give them the role model you wish you’d had. Sign up because you’re awesome!

What will We Make Games provide?

The mentoring programme doesn’t follow a fixed structure, but We Make Games will aim to provide support and resources throughout. Participants will be able to connect with each other through our online channels, as well as our quarterly meetup. We’d also love to run some events and/or workshops specifically for the programme - tbd!

I don’t fit the experience criteria, can I still join?

If you don’t fit the experience criteria but still think you would benefit as a mentee, or have something to offer as a mentor, please apply anyway!

I’m a dude, what can I do?

We’re not accepting men onto the official mentor programme, but there are other ways you can get involved. Get in touch with Lorraine Ansell to find out more.

Something else? Get in touch with Kate.